Rebekah’s Literature & Travel Themed Senior Shoot


Rebekah’s literature and travel themed senior shoot this summer included vintage books and an awesome sticker-covered trunk suitcase to incorporate her two favorite activities in a colorful way. Unexpected props that are close to your heart add a lot of personality and wonderful texture to senior photos. Some other great props to bring are musical instruments, pets, letterman jackets, and sports medals. Give us a call to find out more about our senior shoots! (505) 890-0179.

Senior: Rebekah

Photographer: Bryan Spurlock


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Matt & Vanessa’s Picturesque New Mexican Forest Engagement Session

A huge congratulations to Matt and Vanessa, they are getting married today! In honor of their start to a beautiful life together, we have put together some of our favorite photos from their engagement session up in the mountains of New Mexico. Best wishes to you both from all of us at Bryan’s Photography!

Couple: Matt & Vanessa

Photographers: Bryan & Breanna

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Introducing Our New Canvas Groupings!

We are so excited to announce our new canvas groupings!

We are introducing our canvas groups for up to 60% off of our canvases’ original costs for a limited time!  Here are our 6 canvas grouping layouts featuring a few of our favorite families and weddings. Can you just imagine these canvas groups in your favorite rooms in your house? All of our canvases will be retouched and created specifically for your room needs. Give us a call if you are current customers (we can use your past photo shoots or any future ones), or new customers to schedule your photo shoot so that we can get your canvases on the wall within the month!  (505) 890-0179.

canvas groupings 1 canvas groupings 2 canvas groupings 3

Cuddly Free Newborn Baby Photo Sessions

Do you have a new bundle of joy in your family? Bring them over to our nice warm studio for their newborn session if they are 6 months old or younger! We have adorable props like blankets, baskets, flowers, stuffed animals, and blocks or you can bring your baby’s favorite toys and blankets to incorporate into the photos. We will also throw in a free 8X10″ print from your newborn session. Give us a call to get yours scheduled! (505) 890-0179.

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Photos by Bryan

Retail & Product Commercial Photography

A little known fact about Bryan’s Photography is that we are just as passionate about photographing commercial buildings, professional headshots, corporate events, and products as we are about beautiful weddings and senior sessions! We have photographed everything from custom bicycles to medical buildings for websites. One of our latest commercial clients was the new 7-Eleven located at 2211 Unser Boulevard in Rio Rancho. Here are some examples of Bryan’s commercial photography.

Photographer: Bryan

Client: Avolon 7-Eleven

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Give us a call if you are looking for some professional commercial photography for your company! (505) 890-0179.

Summer Family Photos


Late summer is the perfect time to schedule your on-location family photos before the kids start school! Give us a call to schedule your family session! (505) 890-0179.

Bryan’s Photography Featured in New Mexico Event & Wedding Planner Magazine

2015 NMEWP Article-1

2015 NMEWP Article-2

Thank you Joy & Jessica of New Mexico Event & Wedding Planner Magazine for our wedding photography feature!

To read the rest of the brand new summer issue of New Mexico Event & Wedding Planner Magazine here:

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